A land has and always will be a valuable property that increases value over time, more so if a structure is built on it. If you have vacant land, you can always turn it into a business and earn an income from it. But just because you have a vacant lot doesn’t mean it can earn you money by itself. You have to help turn it into a business asset before you can earn any income from it. Here are some ideas on how to turn your vacant land into a business. 


  1. Putting it up for sale 

Hanging onto your land before selling it in a few years can help increase its value. But you have to know how land appreciates and depreciates in your area. To help increase the value price of the land you’re selling, clearing and leveling it will help significantly. Kalamazoo leveling services will help you with your leveling needs. 

       2. Timbering 

If a land has a lot of trees, the timber it produces will be valuable. Some landowners actually plant trees intentionally and sell the timber when it’s harvesting time. Another great idea would be to sell it as firewood during the cold season. But always remember that both wood and timber have different maturity levels. Some can be harvested after 5 years but some will take 40 years. 

      3. Storage for boats 

Using your empty lot as storage for other people is another great idea. Boats need to be on land during the winter season. They will need to be stored properly so they won’t get damaged. When a warmer climate begins, they can now take their boats to the sea, river, or lake.  


  1. Camping 

Camping is leisure time for families. Some people also want to get out of the buzzing city and just relax with nature. If you have vacant land, people will pay you just to camp at your grounds. Now that is easy money. You can also turn it into a camping area in the future. But you definitely will need to know about the cost of insurance for this type of business venture.  


  1. Storage for RVs 

As we all know, RVs are typically your house in wheels. Some RV owners don’t have the space for their RV. Having an empty lot used as storage for RV’s can earn you an easy income. If you have a big lot and if you get it cleared, the more RVs can fir in and the more income you will have. 


  1. Solar panels 

You will need research and money for this type of business. There are two things you can do. First, you can buy solar panels and sell energy to other companies. Two, you can lend your land for companies who would like to use it for solar power generation.  


  1. Stable for horses 

Horses are never obsolete creatures. In fact, there are still many people who want to own them. You can turn your land into a horse stable or you can just clear it up for riding.