From simple watering methods like watering by hand using a garden hose to the more complex methods such as drip systems or irrigation system, we have already used one of these methods when watering your flower garden, trees, shrubs or vegetable garden. And there’s an extremely wide array of options that you can choose from.

The system you should choose should solely depend on your garden’s size, the local weather patterns in your location, your own budget, as well as your budget. In this article, you will be able to learn the ups and downs of conventional and modern type of irrigation systems.

Manual Watering Using a Garden Hose

If you have the inclination and enough time to head out every morning in order to water your garden, then a manual watering can or a garden hose is probably your best buddy. However, you should bear in mind that you must be very gentle with the watering process so that you do not disturb your soil or hurt your plants.

Manual Watering Using a Watering Can

Aside from that, a watering can is also a good idea since it only come out as soon as the perforations will allow. On the other hand, when you use gardening hose, you should keep the pressure too low as well as consider using something such as a watering wand, which distributes the water gently and evenly.

Bear in mind that you should water the base of your plants and try your best not to wet the leaves since this can potentially lead to rusts or infections and you should also make sure that you water deeply enough. The cons of watering by hand is the fact that it can consume too much time, the distribution of water is sometimes irregular, and you may simply forget to water your plants in a daily manner.

Soaker Type of Hose

This is a black hose that is made of porous materials. A soaker hose enables water to seep out evenly along the hose’s length. There are people who use soaker hoses for their shrubs and trees, as well as vegetables and flowers.

For shrubs and trees, simply place your hose circled around the plant as well as within the well at your drip line. For flowers, loop the soaker through the bed on each side of your plants so that it will make a large U shape. Make sure that you are able to cover your soaker hose with a thick layer of mulch.

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinklers has been widely used by homeowners and commercial property owners for decades. This is simply because sprinkler systems can give you great covering and this method can also help you save too much time. As a matter of fact, you can customize the time and interval of watering session in you use a sprinkler system, making it a really great idea if you are a busy person. If you want a quality garden sprinkler installation or quality Sprinkler maintenance Austin, make sure that you only get to hire a professional and reputable sprinkler service provider in your area.